The Peynet kiosk

341,23 €
On sale at Neroli Concept Store -11, Rue Saunière, 26000 Valence - T 09 83 81 68 98
Original handmade drawing in 3d wire and framed. Dated and signed.
White wooden frame with extension.
Unique work linked to an artisanal technique that cannot be reproduced identically.

The technique

The 3d pen uses a synthetic wire, usually intended for 3d printers, and plugs into the mains to operate. Heated by the pen, the material of the filament, which constitutes the drawing, becomes flexible upon leaving the lead and solidifies in the air, cooling after a few moments.


The drawing made flat is placed on small pins to release it from its support and placed in a white wooden frame with extension, which creates a void between the pattern and the glass: The line can then play with shadow and light in the thickness of the frame.
A dated and signed certificate of authenticity is glued to the back and a metal clip makes it easy to hang the painting.
All frames are made in France.


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