Your filstory

A thread that tells your story

Sensitive to everyone's history,
whether it's to translate your emotional moments, your personal or shared memories,
Agnès offers you the opportunity to keep the memory of it by its unique and personalized thread.

It can be :
The portrait of your house
a place or a landscape you cherish,
a trip souvenir,
an emotional moment
or an object you like.

From a photo, she will interprate your subject in the format of your choice.

This will be a very special and unique gift for yourself or your friends, on the occasion of a birthday, wedding, house-warming party, a particular event or just for fun !


_ A family gift : The portrait of the family castle

_A Christmas gift : The portrait of the family house and its magnificent crenellated brick door offered by the children to their mother

maison Normande
      _A souvenir gift: Keep the portrait of the family house
          _ A frienship gift: the portrait of a family's house in the Medoc, always opened for friends.
          _A christmas gift : The portrait of the family's house in the Alpilles for all the children, living abroad.
          _A birthday gift : for a lover of American cars and travels, La Havane, Cuba
          _A birthday gift : Edith's house in La Réunion, one of the eldest houses of the island.
          _A Christmas gift: daughters for their father, the lebanese family's house
          _An emotional moment : the portrait of the happiness of an unforgettable day
          _A sailing souvenir : in love, on the Léon-Charlotte in the Ile de Ré
          _Favorite objects : that they hold dear or mythical


          How can I order my filstory

          ↘ THE PROCESS
          1. Send a good quality photo
          2. Chose your format and validate your order by e-mail
          3. Validate the framed felt pen sketch
          4. Reception of a photo of the executed 3D drawing for validation
          5. Framing and delivery through Colissimo

          ↘ DEADLINES
          According to the format, between 2 et 4 weeks after the validation of the sketch

          ↘ PRICES
          Format 30x40 cm > 495€
          Format 40x50 cm > 695€
          Format 50x65 cm > 985€

          Please note that the personalized orders are neither taken back nor exchanged.

          Ask for any information or send a photo to realize my project


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