Vues et toits de Paris

Views and rooftops of Paris

“ In the street, everything seems written to me. The city is an architecture of writing. ” Le Clézio An...

Balade française

French stroll

On the way south! Some memories of walks from Provence to Nice and the French Riviera…

Petit Paris

Little Paris

A new colorful collection of Parisian photos, taken on the spot, like snapshots evoking the format of Polaroids, to celebrate...

Cours et jardins

Courtyards and gardens

These are sometimes secret places, discovered during walks in Paris, in the embrasure of a porte-cochère or in the gardens,...

Le théâtre de Molière

Molière's theater

 The 170 years of happiness,  the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust's death the 400th anniversary of the birth of Molière 

Séries Limitées

Séries Limitées

Une série de 7 dessins originaux, emblématiques de l’architecture parisienne, imprimés en 3D. Édition limitée de 100 exemplaires chacun. Chaque...