Passionate about drawing and creating images, Agnès Audras is an artist whose graphic expression is based on line and feature and then light.

For many years, she has illustrated subjects for :
* the press (Le Monde, Libération, Les Échos, L'Express, Le Parisien, La Tribune, Télérama, l'Obs, Lire, Le Magazine Littéraire, JDD version Femina, le groupe Marie Claire : Marie Claire, Marie Claire Bis, Marie Claire Maison, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Elle à Table, Madame Figaro, Atmosphères, Psychologies Magazine, Philosophie Magazine, Bayard Presse … and company journals. …,
* publishing (Gallimard, Le Seuil, Hachette, La Martinière Jeunesse, Nathan, Mercure de France, Payot Rivages, Laffont, Albin Michel, Flammarion, Hatier…)
* or corporate (INRIA, La Fondation Vuitton, La Mairie de Paris, Orange Vallée, Dalkia, Neopost, Dom Perignon, 1664, Veolia, RTE, Cartier, Hermès, Le Printemps, les Galeries Lafayette, Monoprix …).

Over time, she has transposed her drawings into space thanks to paper cut-outs, and developed a photographic practice in the studio, centered on the play on light and shade. She has received an allowance from the DRAC for photography and has participated in numerous exhibitions.
Attracted by different representation styles and fabrics, she started to explore new modes of expression, thus boosting her creative abilities. She discovered, by chance during her research, the 3D pen, which marked a turning point in her creation and gave birth to Filstories.
A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, she teaches there at Master's level and still participates in editorial projects for the press and publishing.
Agnes creates pieces with pure lines, halfway between sculpture and drawing, the result of her unique and sensitive touch. Now a soft material, the thread-drawing comes to life, thickens or becomes more refined like the full and the loose threads of a delicate handwriting to convey a story’s emotion. Influenced by the minimalist approach of Japanese art, she chooses to use black and white only, thus giving natural emphasis to empty spaces, she plays with the nuances of light and shade, thereby infusing energy and poetry into her creative lines.

For a long time, artists have conceived of the line as a passion, forging it according to their mood or temperament, with the sole purpose of constructing in a few lines a meaningful example, a perspective, a point of view, a balance, similar to a fragment torn from reality. Agnès Audras could have followed this goal if her intention had not been precisely to take the line away from the plane, thus blurring the usual dimension of graphics. By putting her subjects in a state of weightlessness, in an unstable floating, she adds shadows to them and gives back a mobility to the glance. A simple device is sometimes enough to blur our conception of representation, this is the lesson to be learned from Agnès Audras' work.

Agathe Anglionin - architect | curator | @a_agn

Her workshop is located at Les Arches, a hub for artists, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Grand Paris, France.